Outsource your IT services

Our managed IT services can satisfy all of your business IT needs or supplement your IT staff. We keep your systems up and running, address the operational needs of your current business (workstations, servers, switches, remote devices etc), provide help desk and outsourced IT project management. We deliver specialist services that are both professional and flexible while being designed to fit around your specific requirements. 

Personal & approachable 

You’ll have your own dedicated technician, who instantly becomes the primary system manager for your business and is on hand to maintain your infrastructure. Knows your people & systems. 

Higher level support

Your employees will get fast, flexible, responsive IT support. Also, all of our specialists are experienced system and network administrators ready to help with complicated

technical issues.

Software, devices, services

From us you can order licenses, devices and services – all from one place. Your staff will have consistent access to applications and data. And you have the security your IT policies are implemented across all workstations. 

Why choose us?

24/7 support

Your administrator is always approachable and a call away. In case of a business-critical IT emergency, you get immediate technical support 24/7. If we can’t provide a remote solution, then we’ll be sending engineer to your site.

Onsite and remote

Depending on the issue, we can solve it remotely or visit on site. All our technicians visit clients regularly.

Everything IT from one partner

Licences, hardware, business solutions, configurations. We are an official partner for many vendors and business solutions.

Proactivity and continuous service

We help your business become proactive instead of reactive to the needs of your IT support. Up To Date Devices, software updates, protection.

Consultation and IT management

We can help to make hardware, software, cloud- and subscription based services decisions, that would serve you best.

Systematic approach

We provide you with a comprehensive and secure ecosystem, not just parts.

Our goal is to understand your needs and see if managed IT services are the best fit for you and your business. A phone call will help you identify your needs and get us started to providing a solution that makes sense.

Our managed IT services customers

Helari Pallas

Pallas ja Partnerid

We have been using Iteraction’s managed IT services for a long time. Our partnership goes back 10 + years and during this time, even the most complicated problems and challenges have found smooth solutions. As a proactive and executive partner, Iteraction has brought us from one era to another: innovative solutions that they have suggested and implemented have transformed our business processes tremendously. 

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