IT helpdesk service

We quickly solve your employees' IT problems.

We’re always ready to help your company’s employees with any IT issues or concerns. We provide a service based on a fixed monthly fee, which includes all IT administration services and solving IT-related issues. It also includes project-based work to a certain extent (e.g., antivirus software installation, new WiFi, firewall, server installation, and configuration, etc.)

Our services mirror hiring your own IT professionals

Your company's IT issues are always handled by the same people who know the employees and are familiar with the specifics of your business

To ensure high-quality service and employee satisfaction, Iteraction carefully selects its specialists. Our IT support specialists are good communicators who care about IT. Therefore, they are able to solve various problems operatively, understand the wishes of employees, and provide reasonable solutions.

Being the only company on the market that does so, Iteraction regularly measures customer satisfaction, which directly affects the price of the service!

Our IT helpdesk service includes:

  • IT helpdesk – our specialists solve the IT issues and questions of your employees either by remote administration or in-house. Our specialist also regularly visits your company and finds solutions to even the smallest questions. For larger companies, our specialist can stay in your office if needed to provide IT support in the most operative way.

  • Preparing and replacing computer workstations – when a new employee arrives, our specialist makes sure that a computer for the user is set up, the necessary software installed, and accounts/accesses created. If the employee gets a new computer, we set up the computer and help the user with data migration. The service also includes the necessary actions when changing or leaving employees: closing accounts, etc.
  • Proactive actions – preventing problems and ensure that software upgrades and security improvements are made on time. We also install the necessary software for computers (e.g., antivirus, Office, design software, etc.). We also regularly make and implement development proposals, thus improving the IT user experience (making computers faster and safer).
  • Comprehensive IT hardware and software inventory management – we carry all the IT hardware and software for our employees. In addition to computers, we also manage other office IT devices, including monitors, printers, tablets, phones, and more.
  • Solving hardware failures or problems and handling warranties – we also help with equipment failures: we help eliminate the problem, find a replacement machine, and handle any warranties.

The Iteraction IT helpdesk service is equivalent to hiring a personal IT specialist. The service provides additional support and knowledge from the Iteraction’s team and, if necessary, employee replacements (holidays, illnesses, etc.). Put us to the test and ask for an offer!

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