IT management service

Iteraction's IT Manager (CIO) is more motivated and experienced to make IT management more effective!

IT management by Iteraction guarantees long-term IT sustainability of the company. We offer our clients an IT manager's resources based on a lease model, taking greater responsibility compared with a fixed-place worker. Iteraction selects an IT manager according to the current profile of the company and the growth needs of the future. Experience shows that a rented IT manager helps to save on costs and improve quality.

The advantages of hiring an IT manager are:

  • Central Support (competencies, training, certifications, team) is provided by Iteraction. In the most difficult decisions, the Iteraction IT manager will always seek out additional support, which in turn will ensure smarter decisions.
  • You save by renting an IT manager. A medium-sized company (up to 50 people) is generally unable to properly implement an IT manager worth his or her pay. Using Iteraction's service, the company only pays for a partial IT manager load that can still satisfiy all its IT needs.
  • A rented IT Manager is more competent and motivated, as the IT he or she handles crosses several companies. It provides your IT Manager with diverse challenges that help him develop his professional skills and, above all, the companies themselves.
  • The responsibility for finding the right person falls to Iteraction. Thanks to our in-depth experience and knowledge of information technology, Iteraction is likely to find a better IT manager particular to each company and, thanks to its implementation in several companies, it also ensures a lower price.
  • When renting an IT manager, it is quick to start and cancel the service. The system is not built based on one man's vision but based on the best practices and documented in such a way that, when IT is exchanged, replaced, etc., a new person can instantly understand the functioning of the system. This also makes it relatively easy to send, for example, an IT manager on vacation.
To ensure better service, Iteraction introduces a customer satisfaction system that affects the IT manager's income and service price. It aims to provide lasting high-quality service.

Main activities related to the service:

  • IT consulting
  • IT cost analysis and optimization
  • IT project management and implementation
  • IT documentation and standardization
  • Development of a reporting system and data warehouse
  • IT investment management
  • IT team coordination

Whether your business needs have outgrown current in-house IT competence, you are simply looking for a new IT manager, or just want to know more about the topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

Many Estonian companies already trust Iteraction:

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