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Full IT management

We take responsibility for the whole IT of the company!

We aim to provide services that meet the business needs of the company. We are flexible in our approach, and create a service solution unique to the customer. The full IT Administration service is intended for small or medium-sized businesses, and the service combines everything necessary for a company to function:

  • A competent IT manager
  • Helpful IT helpdesk 
  • Precise IT infrastructure management

Small and medium-sized businesses do not need a full-time IT manager, an IT helpdesk specialist, or an IT systems administrator. By the same token, there is a need for someone willing to take responsibility for creating IT strategy and managing development projects, as well as someone who provides support and maintains the computer park. At a certain point, the company needs someone who can handle more complex IT issues, such as cloud solutions or server farm management, firewall and network management, etc. It is quite unlikely to find one person capable of performing all of the above. The salary requirements of such a specialist are significant, and it would be quite a challenge to keep him/her motivated. And who could ever act as a backup if this Superman would need a day off?

A better solution is to hire the entire team, and that's exactly what our IT management service is. For a monthly fee, several IT professionals take care of your IT.

Entrust your company's IT to our experienced team and tailor the services that fit your needs.

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