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The greatest recognition for our work are happy and long-term customers
Joosep Truu

Since 2012 we're committed to providing our clients innovative IT solutions, comprehensive IT support & services and great customer service.

Our biggest strength is our personalized approach. Focusing on each individual customer, their specific needs and immersing ourselves into their business, we gain a full understanding of their pain points around technology. We regularly ask customers for feedback and rate their satisfaction. 

Skillset paired with personality is what sets us apart. We assign every client a primary IT specialist, or in some cases, a whole IT team. A primary specialist is a go-to person, while the supporting team is taking care of the business behind the scenes.

In any case, we have additional specialists who already know the business and are ready to step in.

Our clients appreciate that with us they have access to the skillset and capacity of a large internal tech team. We are able to carry out the most complex IT-related work.

Our team has experience across various industries and IT specialities.

Our customers include many reputable Estonian companies such as Olerex, Liviko, Arco Vara, Prike, Metaprint, Road Technology Center, Adcash, Bondora, and Estravel.

We are an official partner of DELL, Palo Alto Networks, Veeam, NetApp, Extreme Networks and ESET. 

We have offices both in Tallinn and in Tartu.

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  1. Joosep Truu

    Joosep Truu

  2. Kristiina Vahter

    Kristiina Vahter

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