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The greatest recognition for our work are happy and long-term customers
Joosep Truu

Iteraction OÜ was founded in 2012. Our mission is to provide IT services and solutions to companies that actually meet their business needs.

Iteraction OÜ is a fast-growing company with a strong focus on technology focus, employing experienced hardware and software specialists. Our team consists of talents interested in long-term self-development in the field of technology. We, therefore, believe that we offer the best service on the market. To guarantee it, we ask customers for feedback and to rate their satisfaction.

The strength of Iteraction is its personalized approach, but at the same time, being able to carry out the most complex IT-related work.

The Iteraction team has over 50 technical certificates and has extensive technical competence in various solutions – hence, we can provide objective assessments and recommendations.

Indicating just how right our services are for the market, Iteraction's customers include dozens of reputable Estonian companies such as Olerex, Liviko, Arco Vara, Prike, Metaprint, Road Technology Center, Adcash, Bondora, and Estravel, to name a few.

People of Iteraction

  1. Joosep Truu

    Joosep Truu

  2. Egon Raamat

    Egon Raamat

  3. Rene Oruman

    Rene Oruman

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